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Bag Builders Launch

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how we can help you launch your online business

Charlie Munger, a billionaire and Warren Buffet's partner, said the first $100,000 is the hardest to make, and this program is designed to make that the simplest part of your journey.

You will learn everything you need to know to start running up a bag with no startup money needed. The most effective entrepreneur system to take people from 0 to 100.

I was once like you. Grinding day in and day out to make ends meet, trying to find hustles on the side. I had a dream of starting my own business, but it seemed impossible. Until one day I got access to the right information.

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Here’s What The Program Includes

  • ​Business Fundamentals (value $497)
  • Entrepreneur Mindset (value $597)
  • ​Brand Building (value $497)
  • ​Marketing Principles (value $597)
  • ​Sales Tactics (value $697)
  • ​Financial Growth (value $697)
  • ​Building a Bag (value $497)
  • ​After the Money Comes (value $497)
  • ​Leverage Guidelines (value $497)

Total Value: $5000

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$47 monthly

This is for the people with big dreams and little to no experience in entrepreneurship

This is your chance to finally turn those dreams into reality and become the entrepreneur your meant to be.

I was once struggling to get by until I got access to the right information. I want to teach you what I learned from my mistakes and successes. Since I started in entrepreneurship, I made multiple 7 figures and have spoken on stages to hundreds of people about entrepreneurship.

I thought I could figure out business all on my own but I failed my first attempt and I lost everything I had saved, but I kept going! I struggled a lot in my early 20s because I didn't know what I was doing. Now that I've been through it, and have become extremely successful, I want to pay it forward and help other young hungry individuals avoid the mistakes that I made. I want to help you achieve your entrepreneurial dreams too.

Heres How Its Works

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Register for the Bag Builders Launch Today

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You gain instant access to the Bag Builders Course inside of our members area, where we host all our training

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You will become a part of the Bag Builders community, place you can connect with like minded individuals on the same journey as you

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Go through the training and put in the work and Build a Bag

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Here’s What The Program Includes

  • ​Business Fundamentals (value $497)
  • Entrepreneur Mindset (value $597)
  • ​Brand Building (value $497)
  • ​Marketing Principles (value $597)
  • ​Sales Tactics (value $697)
  • ​Financial Growth (value $697)
  • ​Building a Bag (value $497)
  • ​After the Money Comes (value $497)
  • ​Leverage Guidelines (value $497)

Total Value: $5000

Sign Up For Our Bag Builders academy Today For Just...

$47 monthly

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Here’s a break down of the Modules in the Bag Builders Course

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Business Fundamentals

What you to need to know to begin navigating the business world

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Entrepreneur Mindset

Success is more mental than anything you need to make yours in the right place to become massively successful

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Brand Building

Build a brand that makes you money on demand, in the digital age brands are more important than ever.

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Marketing Principles

The keys to marketing success you need to know, marketing can make or break your business you need to know how to do it

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Sales Tactics

Become a beast at closing deals, without sales you dont have a business, were going to show you simple yet effective strategies to bring in revenue

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Financial Growth

Making money is only half the battle, you also have to multiply it.

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Building a Bag

The best ways someone can come in the game with no money and make money in entrepreneurship

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After the Money Comes

You have to make sure your elevating with your financial situation

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Leverage Guidelines

The principles you need to know about leverage to make your journey as efficient as it can get

This system will change the trajectory of your future.

But you have to take action, Pull the trigger. Join the Bag Builders Its Only $397 for ongoing access to the community and live trainings



(Of course, result will vary)



I was stuck in my 9-5 trapped by my bills when I first connected with Leviathan, he helped build a side business that made me $10,000 the 2nd month it let me leave my job

Carlos Rodriguez


Before I learned from Leviathan I had just left college and had no money or credit and within 2 weeks he showed me how to close my first deal, Ive made multiple 6 figures since then

Terrell Davis


Honestly so thankful I met Leviathan, I completely turned my life around. I can finally give my family the life they deserve. I am my own boss now and can afford to do anything I want Im free now

Steve Wilken


Do I Need Good Credit?

Any credit score can see success with the Bag Builders Framework

Is this something I can do on the side of my Job or School?

Yes, you can absolutely do this along side your job or school until you see success

Will this work for me?

If you follow the steps and take the action you will be able to make this work for you

How much money do I need to start?

All you need is $47 a month to be apart of Bag Builders